Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Photographer Are You? I consider myself a lifestyle photographer which is a combination of traditional portraiture, which is more posed, and documentary photography which isn't posed at all. Combining these two approaches, my goal is to create a customized session and capture genuine images for you and your family to treasure. I focus on emotions, connections, interactions, and telling your story through a series of beautiful images, with a fine art quality. Moments and connections are more important than stiff poses and perfection. My goal is not about getting absolutely ‘perfect’ shots of everyone looking at the camera and smiling, but rather letting the session flow naturally as I capture great images of the kids playing, having fun, and snuggling together. Of course, my goal is to always come away from the session with some good shots of everyone looking at the camera, BUT it will because it happened naturally, not because it was forced.

Where Will My Session Be Held? I am a natural-light, on-location photographer. Together, I have put together a great list of perfect locations for your session; this can be helpful in deciding which you prefer for your family session. Newborn and cake smash sessions will be done in your home.

When Do Newborn Sessions Occur? Newborn sessions are best within the first 2 weeks of life (but can occur within the first 6 weeks.) Also, the natural light in homes is usually best late morning (10 or 11am).

What Should I Wear? See my Pinterest board for ideas on what to wear. However, the most important thing is the you are comfortable and feel good in what you are wearing.

What If My Kids Are Acting Up? First and foremost, try not to prepare anything big the day of your session (i.e. a big hike, soccer game, etc.); make your family photo session is the big event of the day. Make sure your kiddos have a good meal or snack before the session. Show them a photo of me & my family (on my “about” page) and tell them that your family is going to meet up with another mom who is going to take our pictures & take you on an adventure.

During the session…I want your children to be themselves during the sessions, so I won't be asking them to say cheese. I would ask that you would refrain from using those words as well. Let me explain: I strive to capture honest and natural expressions from your child. When a child is asked to ‘say cheese,” they will not give a natural smile, but rather they will be performing and this will be apparent in the images. Please allow me to use my experience as a former elementary teacher and get on your child’s level and you will see more natural expressions you know and love in your photos. If your child starts acting up or having a meltdown, it's okay. I love capturing the joys and the struggles of parenthood. It also tends to result in sweet, quiet moments snuggling together. Utilize this family connection photo session to be present and spend time playing, hugging, dancing, and embracing your children. 

What Time of Day is Best for Photos?

  • For in-home sessions, I suggest sometime between 9am-1p, especially depending on how much natural light your house gets.

  • For outdoor sessions, I recommend the last 90 minutes of sunset. Depending on the time of year, these times can range from 4-7pm. This is how you get that “golden hour” lighting that beautiful and flattering. I know it can be tough with little ones when the sun sets later, but it is ALWAYS worth shooting late to get that gorgeous light! Remember that my sessions include a lot of fun and playful movement and most kids do really well outdoors when they can explore. If you feel you cannot shoot in the evening, you can opt for an in-home session earlier in the day.

  • I am available most weekdays and weekends.

How Do You Choose Which Images Are In My Gallery From Our Shoot? I look carefully at each and every image I capture at your session and hand select the best images. I am looking for images that represent myself as an artist and your family, as each is signfimationaly unique. I guarantee a minimum number of images, depending on the package, but there are usually many more included. All images will be edited in color and some will also be edited in black and white.

Is there a travel fee? I only charge a travel fee for locations 25 miles outside of Evergreen. All of the locations I recommend on my locations page have no travel fee.

What Kind of Payment is Preferred & What is Due to Book?

  • I prefer Venmo or cash. I also accept ApplePay, Stripe, PayPal and Square (but these do charge me a fee).

  • A non-refundable retainer of $100 is due to hold your session. The rest of your payment is due at the time of the shoot.

  • My pricing is all-inclusive. This means you get the session fee, digital downloads, and printing rights in the packaged price.

What if My Child is Sick? If your child is sick or not feeling well, please call me to reschedule. I’m a mother myself, and I understand that sometimes children get sick. I want your child to enjoy the photo session and a sick child won’t be up for pictures. I would appreciate if you could call to reschedule as soon as you know you will be unable to make it.

How Long Does it Take to Get Our Photos Back? This can vary by the season and the session, but expect it to take 2-3 weeks. I edit each photo individually and am known to over-deliver on my galleries. If there is a rush to get the photos, please let me know in advance.

I Don’t Like How I Look in My Photos. Can You Fix Them? My branding is about embracing authenticity. Light retouching (such as blemishes or scratches) that doesn’t interfere with major lines or features of the face, I have no problem removing, but anything else stays. I never edit out anything that will still be there in a week (wrinkles, scars, birthmarks, etc). Women are especially hard on themselves when it comes to body image (myself included)! I am always dreading a shot that shows my post-baby belly in an unflattering way or some other part of my body that I don’t love. So I know how you feel! But, here’s the thing… One, I will do my best to make sure you look your best. When you look back at photos that you have taken in the past, especially ones with your children in them, you are probably happy to be in the photo with them and it brings back a flood of memories- how little they were and how fast time has flown. And guess who else will be happy to have photos of you? Your kids. They don’t care what you look like- you are beautiful in their eyes… they don’t see the flaws that you do… they love you for who you are and how you make them feel. With a photo of you in it, they remember the songs you sang to them, the adventures you went on together, the quiet moments you had, how you made them feel and most of all, how you loved them.

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